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About: purlqueen

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Recent Posts by purlqueen

Finally! I’ve been working on one version or another of PurlQueen Patterns for awhile and I can’t believe I’m finally LIVE! Many thanks to Erin Brooks of Media Plaid for getting me up and running. So what are we doing here? Books, downloads and sneak peeks. And whatever else pops into my addled spinning brain! I’m currently working on three books and I’ll be sneaking you peeks, as well as letting you know what’s in the works for new PurlQueen Pattern downloads.

Right now on my needles?

My Alpine Meadow Bed Sock for my upcoming book “American Sock Knitting”:








A narrower version of my Sunset Moebius from Deep South Knitting Collection for a gift for my future daughter-in-law, knit from a Artyarns shawl kit:






And I just finished a new crocheted afghan for my mom:









Working on a second hat with this design. I made one for my husband for a gift and am making one for myself now! The pattern will be available on PurlQueen Patterns for download soon:







Ready for finishing are 3 designs for my Vintage Couture Collection of downloadable pattern — 2 inspired by Madeleine Vionnet designs and one inspired by Vivienne Westwood. Stay tuned for sneak peeks! I’m also finishing up photo work for a London version of the Paris Je t’Aime Technology Set.

OK, back to work!

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