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Gilded Age Placemats Pattern

Inspired the lavish homes of Robber Barons in the North Carolina mountains. Includes North Carolina travel tips and recipe for Creamy Sweet Potato Pie.




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Additional Information

Biltmore, perched in the Smoky Mountains at Asheville, North Carolina, is the country’s largest private home and a stunning remnant of the Gilded Age of steel tycoons and robber barons. These placemats are a nod to the glittering table settings of that time, but with a modern twist— surreal flatware designs and metallic yarns. So set your table and get a little glam for yourself, even if dinner comes straight from the microwave rather than from silver salvers.
This project is worked in “stranded intarsia”— stranding the background color behind the contrast color only. The result is a double layer of yarn in the flatware design elements, but a single layer for the background, giving a slightly raised appearance that helps set them apart from the background.
About this Project
Skill Level: Intermediate
Finished Size: Approximately 20” (50cm) wide by 13” (33cm) high
Shopping List
Berroco Metallic FX (85% rayon, 15% metallic, 85 yards/78m); 2 skeins each Gold #1001 (MC) and Silver #1002 (CC) for each placemat
Size US 8 (5mm) needles
Tapestry needle
Fray stopping liquid
1/2 yard (.5m) white commercial felt fabric (will line 3 placemats)
White sewing thread and
sewing needle